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Social Cloud AutoTweetNG Free Auto Posting for Joomla AutoTweet NG Free is a Joomla! extension for automate post publishing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Simply, AutoTweet automatically posts your content to social networks.

AutoTweet NG Free solves social networks integration in Joomla with mimimum effort in an efficient way.

For starters, when an author creates a Joomla article (content item), AutoTweet generates a content request and auto-tweets a message to the enabled social networks: Facebook ( API 3.0 requires App Review), LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

A first step towards social content management

AutoTweet NG Free has a set of features to simplify social management based on automated auto-posting.

What is the main difference between AutoTweetNG and Joocial?

AutoTweet is mainly oriented for unassisted auto-posting, you just keep using Joomla as usual, creating articles or other content items.

On the other hand, Joocial has all AutoTweet's features plus advanced features for social management. For instance, Joocial has a "publishing agenda" to repeat Posts, or "working hours" to define when your audience is online. In a real life scenario, a publisher can create a new content item and define the social impact, associating media attributes.

Content auto-published from Joomla! to a Facebook Company Page

Content auto-published from Joomla! to a Facebook Company Page
Content stream generated in

Once you have a good grasp on social media management, and you are ready to integrate more Joomla! extensions or take advantage of more social networks (namenly JomSocial, or Tumblr), post scheduling, repeats, evergreen posts, and a virtual manager, you can easily upgrade to either AutoTweetNG Pro or Joocial:

Restrictions/Limitations of AutoTweetNG Free

AutoTweetNG Free has most back-end features to support automated auto-publishing. However, it has specific restrictions on channels and RSS Feeds. In addition, it does not have the full hub of integrated extensions and extended management features.

  • Channels: limited to 2 channels. You can create up to 2 channels only.
  • RSS Feeds: limited to 2 feeds. You can create up to 2 feeds only.
  • No support for Yourls,, or other shorteners. Only Tinyurl is supported.
  • No cronjob support.
  • Only the Content-Extension plugin is available for free (All other plugins are included in the AutoTweetNG Pro or Joocial).
  • Community Support is provided for free in Community Forum ... so, no complains ;-)

84 user reviews in Joomla! Extensions Directory

A whopping number of 84 user reviews speaks up for AutoTweetNG as the most popular extension for Social Share Auto-Posting for Joomla!. In addition, the total number of user reviews for the whole family (AutoTweet Free, Pro and Joocial) is 149!

Very usefull and time saving extension!

... The setup is very easy and guidelines are helpful. Now we can focus on content and the extension is doing the work for sharing recipes on all major social networks :) And that is not all... support is very, very good! Thanks guys.

Marinel Cuculj - Source: JED

Great extension and very versatile!

This extension does what it promises, and more! I'm only using it right now to publish posts from my Joomla site to LinkedIn and Facebook, but I know it can do much more and will probably take advantage of additional features in the near future. It also has a paid version that I might consider trying as well. There were a few questions I had when I first started using it, but the support from the developer has been outstanding! ...

Marc Bressman - Source: JED

Auto-Tweet Screenshots, Tutorials and Demo site


The following screenshots have been generated from Joocial News demo site, capturing auto-published content in a desktop view and a mobile device view. As part of our social media management strategy, we operate the Joocial News demo site. In this way, we have a perfect leading case to show what can be achieved creating a news site based on +20 RSS Feeds to distribute content messages to our social channels. Joocial for Joomla! CMS is a real social media content management.

Content auto-published from Joomla! to a Twitter channel

Content auto-published from Joomla! to a Twitter channel
Content stream generated in

Content auto-published from Joomla! to a LinkedIn channel

Content auto-published from Joomla! to a LinkedIn channel

Social Composer

AutoTweet has a poweful editor to create and edit social posts. In this way, you can create new messages to follow the same content defined strategy than the rest of the posts.
Social Composer - a poweful editor to create and edit social posts


We have created detailed tutorials for every step of the installation and configuration of the social auto publishing process. You can review the list of tutorials here in the documentation site. To have a first approach on how the autotweet generator process works, please check the following tutorial:

Tutorial: How to AutoTweet from Joomla in 5 minutes

How to Auto Tweet from Joomla in 5 minutes - Online Web Presentation How to AutoTweet from Joomla in 5 minutes

AutoTweet and Joocial extensive list of features


  • Control Panel
    • Social Meter - Status Charts and Timeline
  • Install from Web and Live Updates
  • Social Composer
  • Joocial Composer App
    • Control Panel and Stats
    • Composer Editor
    • Requests management
    • Posts management
    • Multi-Site management
    • Facebook OpenGraph Tags support
    • Mobile Sharing for Joomla! (only Joocial + Composer App)
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Instagram
      • Pinterest
      • WhatsApp
      • More channels
  • Paywall Mode (only Joocial)
  • Requests
    • General Management
    • Image Preview
    • Batch Processing
    • Manual Publish
    • Calendar View (only AutoTweetNG Pro and Joocial)
  • Evergreens (only Joocial)
    • General Management
  • Rules
    • General Management
    • Override Settings
    • Rule Message Control
    • Add Static Text
    • Text Replacement
  • Posts
    • General Management
    • Image Preview and Validation
    • Short URL / Original URL Edition
    • Batch Processing
    • Manual Approval
    • Manual Publish
    • State Change
  • System Check
    • Component
    • Modules
    • Plugins Management
  • Virtual Manager (only Joocial)
    • Working hours
    • Evergreen Strategy
    • Advanced Options
  • Channels
    • General Management
    • Facebook Page and Group
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn Profile, Company and Group for Partners
    • Blogger (only Joocial)
    • EasySocial (only Joocial)
    • Google My Business (only Joocial)
    • Google Page Speed reports (only Joocial)
    • JomSocial (only Joocial)
    • Medium (only Joocial)
    • Pinterest (only Joocial)
    • Push Notifications - OneSignal (only Joocial)
    • Push Notifications - PushAlert (only Joocial)
    • Push Notifications - Pushwoosh (only Joocial)
    • Telegram (only Joocial)
    • Tumblr (only Joocial)
    • VK Profile or Community (only Joocial)
    • Web Push - OneSignal (only Joocial)
    • Web Push - PushAlert (only Joocial)
    • Web Push - Pushwoosh (only Joocial). Support for images.
  • Extensions Plug-ins
  • Feeds
    • General Management
    • Feed Details
    • Publishing
    • Content Creation
    • Image Grabber
    • Filters
    • Content Grabber
    • Auto Tweet Generator
  • Rule Engine
    • Rule Types: Access, Author, Catch all, Category, Featured, Language, Media, Regular expression, Scope, Groups, Term and Word.
    • Modes: Normal or Deny All
  • Post Management (only Joocial)
    • Social Publish Toolbar
    • Social Publish Button
    • Post This control
    • Evergreen Post
    • Posting Date Agenda
    • Repeats
    • Image Chooser

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