To complete the objectives of this year, after the renewal of our documentation, we have consolidated our sites and latest offers in a single place, and integrated a new Popup Storefront. Now, we are ready to take on the 2019 objectives of technology modernization.

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The new Pop Storefront

extly popup storefront

It's renewal time

In the last quarter of 2018, we have released a set of upgrades.

  • Joocial and AutoTweetNG 8.23.1
    • Firebase Dynamic Links shortener
    • Google Page Speed reports channel
    • Reviewed for Joomla 3.9, PHP 7.2
  • XT Search for Algolia 1.7.0:
    • Incremental Indexing
    • Multilingual Indexes support
  • XTDir for SobiPro 6.9.0: Reviewed for Joomla 3.9, SP 1.4.8, PHP 7.2. 
  • XT YouTube Optimizer 2.0.0: Optimized for mobile access.
  • XT Adaptive Images 5.0.0: Optimized for mobile access. 

To the moon!

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